Another question regarding encoding

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Another question regarding encoding

Postby yuvalal » Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:22 am

Sorry if I'm repeating previous topics. I read a lot, googled a lot, and I'm still quite desperate...

I wrote a standard installation, only added one pane with my custom text. (platform: Windows 7, IJ 1.2.15)
Now I'm trying to make a Russian version, and I can't manage to do it no matter what I try.
Both the original template texts, and my new texts are translated into a mix of different types of Giberish characters.

I tried to play with several options mentioned here, but didn't succeed.

a probably related question: How can I edit the ru.msg file without changing its format? (several editors that I tried change the format of the files).

I'm quite desperate, my deadline is nearing, and I really want to keep working with InstallJammer, but if I don't solve this I'll have to use a different tool.

Thanks a lot,

Thanks a lot!
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