Write Text to File
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This action will write text out to a text file.  It can either overwrite a file or append text to an existing file.  Any file that does not exist will automatically be created.

Supported Platforms

All Platforms

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties

Add to Uninstall

If this property is true, any file touched by this action will be added to the list of files to be removed during uninstallation.

Append Newline

If this property is true, a newline will be output at the end of the text to be written to the file.


Specifies the language encoding to use when writing text to the file.

File Open Action

This tells the action how to open the file for writing.  The following choices are available:


A list of files separated by a ;.  Any file that is a relative path is automatically made relative to <%InstallDir%>.

Line Feed

The type of linefeeds for the specified files.  The following choices are available:


The following values will write some of our install configuration out to a config.cfg file.

Files:     config.cfg

Line Feed: Unix

Text to Write: InstallDir: <%InstallDir%>

               Installer:  <%Installer%>

               Username:   <%Username%>