What are Panes?
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Panes are what the user sees as they move forward and backward through your installer.  Your available panes are defined by the theme you chose when you created your project, and each theme has a different set of panes and a different look-and-feel for those panes.

By default, the install theme you choose will select a default set of panes that are the most common for a simple installer.  These usually include a welcome, a pane to let the user select their installation directory, the pane to copy the files and do the install, and a finishing pane.  For most applications, these are the simplest panes you will need to give your user the minimum flexibility during installation.

Select a pane in your install, and you will see the properties for that pane come up to the right of the pane tree.  These properties define the actions and look-and-feel of your pane.  The most common options will already be chosen for you, but you can modify your panes any way you like.

Standard Properties 

See Standard Properties.

Advanced Properties

The advanced properties of a pane are different for each pane in each theme.  Most are self-explanatory, but if you need help, you can usually find a brief description of the property by hovering over the property's name for a second, and a help balloon will appear.

Below is a list of some common properties that appear throughout the themes.


This property tells InstallJammer where to place a window when displaying it.  The coordinates are defined as the points of the desktop (n, s, e, w, etc...).  So, s will place the window at the bottom center of the screen.


Defines the buttons that are available on the selected pane.  Each theme defines the buttons that are available on each pane and sets up the default values for each pane based on default settings.  Any button not included in the list given will be hidden when the pane is displayed.  Disabling a button is usually the better way to go to keep your installer uniform.  This can be achieved with the Modify Widget action.


This property tells InstallJammer what image to use as a small icon on the selected pane.


This property tells InstallJammer what image to use as a larger image on the selected pane.

Text Properties

Text properties are properties that directly relate to the text displayed in a pane.  They have the added option of not substituting virtual text if it's not required or if you don't want it to.

Besides every button on the wizard, text properties also include any widget on a pane whose text can be changed.  Anytime you change a text property, you can preview the pane to see what the new text will look like during installation.