What are Actions?
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Actions are what InstallJammer uses to perform tasks while an installer or uninstaller is running.  An action can be anything that you might want to do.  Any action can be added to any pane in an install, and each action is checked and run in order during installation.

Actions allow you a great amount of flexibility in your installer.  While many actions are provided as a convenience for common tasks you might want to perform, you also have the option to script your actions to do anything you like.

Each action may also have any number of conditions (see: What are Conditions?) attached to it that are checked before executing.  If the action does not meet the necessary conditions, it will be skipped, and the next action will be checked.

Actions may also be a part of an action group (see: What are Action Groups?) where the group itself has a set of conditions that determine whether the group will be executed.

A new install will come setup with many default actions.  Without actions, the installer is nothing more than a bunch of panes to move back-and-forth through.  The actions are what really does the work during the installation.

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Supported Platforms

Most actions and conditions in InstallJammer are supported by all available platforms, but some of them are platform-specific and only apply to those platforms.  When dealing with actions or conditions that are platform-specific, you don't need to worry about adding conditions to check the platform.  When the documentation lists that only certain platforms are supported for an action or condition, InstallJammer will automatically skip those actions on other platforms during execution.  The action will still show up in debug logs as being exected though, so if you wanted to make that clearer, you could add your own Platform Condition.

Advanced Properties

Each action has a different set of advanced properties that further define the properties of the action.  Please see the documentation for each type of action for more information.