Unpack Stored File
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This action will unpack a file stored in the installer to a specified location on the target system.  Since the installer will already unpack all of the selected files during installation, this action should only be used to extract a file to a special location or before the actual installation is performed.

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties

Add to Uninstall

If this property is true, the unpacked file will be added to the list of files for the uninstaller to remove.


Files unpacked to the <%Temp%> directory are never added to the uninstall.

File ID

The ID of the file to unpack.  This can be the valid ID of any file stored in the installer or an alias to a file.

Target Directory

The target directory to unpack this file into.

Target Filename

The name of the file to create.  If this property is left blank, the name of the file will be the same name that it was stored with.