Text Window
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This action pops up a simple text window to display a long bit of text to the user.  It is useful for posting text files like READMEs and for displaying progressive output from an Execute External Program action.

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties


The position on the screen to display the message panel.  Default is the center of the screen.

Grab Focus

This tells InstallJammer to grab the focus from the user so that they can't interact with anything else in the installer while the message panel is on the screen.


The height of the text window in pixels.


An icon to display on the left side of the message panel.

Text File

The name of a file on the target system to read and display in the text window.

Text Wrap

Tells the textbox how to wrap text.

Wait  on Window

If this value is true, InstallJammer will wait for the user to close the window before continuing on with the installation.  If it is false, the text window will pop up, and the install will continue on.


The width of the text window in pixels.