Test Uninstaller
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This panel allows you to test your uninstaller after you've run the installer on your system.  InstallJammer will attempt to locate the uninstaller for the last installation of your project and run the uninstaller if it finds it.

Test in console mode (UNIX only)

This tells the uninstall to test the console-based version of the uninstaller.  InstallJammer will launch the uninstaller in a new console window.  Console uninstalls are not available on Windows.

Test in silent mode

This tells the uninstall to use the Silent uninstall mode.

Test install without uninstalling files

This option tells your uninstall to run through all of the panes without actually going through the steps to uninstall the files of your install.

Test uninstall with an open console

This option tells the uninstall to open a debugging console window during uninstallation.  The console allows you to do anything you want while your uninstall is running.