Test Installer
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This panel allows you to test your newly-built install. By default, testing an install means just executing the binary.

Save temporary directory for debugging

This option tells InstallJammer to save the temporary directory created during installation for debugging purposes. When an InstallJammer install runs, a temporary directory is created to hold the unpacking program and other temporary files. Normally, the temporary directory is cleaned up upon exiting the install. If this option is checked, the temporary directory will be left for debugging.

Test in default mode

This tells the install to use the Default install mode.

Test in console mode (UNIX only)

This tells the install to test the console-based version of the installer.  InstallJammer will launch the installer in a new console window.  Console installs are not available on Windows.

Test in silent mode

This tells the install to use the Silent install mode.

Test install without installing files

This option tells your install to run through all of the panes without actually going through the steps to install the files of your install.

Test install with an open console

This option tells the install to open a debugging console window during installation.  The console allows you to do anything you want while your install is running.