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Set a platform-specific property for a given platform

Supported Platforms



Empty string



The platform to set the property for.  This can be any platform supported in the current installation, or it can be the word "all" to mean all plaforms, the word "unix" to mean all unix platforms, or the word "active" to mean al active platforms.


Specfies the property to set for the given platform.  The current properties for platforms are: Active, BuildSeparateArchives, DefaultFilePermission, DefaultDirectoryPermission, Executable, FallBackToConsole, FileDescription, InstallDir, InstallMode, InstallType, ProgramName, ProgramReadme, ProgramLicense, ProgramFolderName, ProgramExecutable, ProgramFolderAllUsers, PromptForRoot, RequireAdministrator, RequireRoot, RootInstallDir, UseUncompressedBinaries, WindowsIcon.


The value to set the given property to.