Replace Text in File
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This action will replace text strings in a file with other strings as based on a string map.  This is useful for writing out configuration files with virtual text values from InstallJammer, etc...

Supported Platforms

All Platforms

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties


Specifies the language encoding to use when replacing text in the file.


A list of files or patterns separated by a ;.  Any pattern or file that is a relative path is automatically made relative to <%InstallDir%>.

Line Feed

The type of linefeeds for the specified files.  The following choices are available:

String Map

A string map is a list of strings in pairs separated by whitespaces.  Each string in a string map has a corresponding string to map it to.  Strings with spaces should be placed in quotes to show that they are to be treated as a single string.  See the example below for a sample string map.


The following values would convert all instances of @@INSTALL_DIR@@ to our installation directory and all instances of the string "replace this string" with "our new string" in a file called config.cfg.  It will also convert linefeeds to UNIX (lf) linefeeds.

Files:      config.cfg

Line Feed:  Unix

String Map: "@@INSTALL_DIR@@" <%InstallDir%>

            "replace this string" "our new string"