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Read the install information of a previous installation.  This API will read information from the given application / install ID and store the values in an array.

Supported Platforms



Empty String


-applicationid <Application ID> (required)

The Application ID to read information for.  This can be the installer's own <%ApplicationID%>, or it can be the ID of another, known install project.  This lets your installer read the install information of another installer if you know the proper ID.

-array <arrayName> (required)

The name of an array to store the values in.

-installid <Install ID>

The install ID to read information for.  If no ID is given, all of the installs for the given application ID will be read and stored in the array in the order they were created.


The following example adds the Spanish language.

::InstallAPI::ReadInstallInfo -applicationid SomeID -array tmp

parray tmp

This would load all of the previous installations for the application SomeID into the array tmp, and the parray tmp would dump the array to the console.