Read File Into Virtual Text
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This action will read a single file on the target system into a virtual text variable.  This is useful to obtain properties or information from a file and use it within InstallJammer.

Supported Platforms

All Platforms

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties


This property specifies the encoding to use when reading the file into virtual text.  The default is to use whatever the system encoding is.  utf-8 would be a common choice here.  If you are unfamiliar with character encodings, it's probably best to leave this property alone.


The path to the file to read in.  If the path is relative, it will be made relative to <%InstallDir%>.

Trim String

If this property is true, the data read from the file will be trimmed of whitespace on either side before the virtual text is set.

Virtual Text

The name of the virtual text variable to read the file into (without <% and %>).


The following values would read the file /etc/hosts.allow into the virtual text <%AllowedHosts%>

File:         /etc/hosts.allow

Virtual Text: AllowedHosts