Modify Widget
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This action will modify the text or state of a given widget or list of widgets on the current pane.

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties


The state the modified widget should be.  Normal means that the widget is active, and the user can interact with it.  Disabled means that the widget is inactive, and the user cannot manipulate it.  Disabled widgets are usually shown as "greyed out" to reflect that they are disabled.  Hidden means that the widget should be removed from the pane entirely.  A hidden widget can be restored by modifying its state back to normal.  Readonly is a state that can be applied to entry and text widgets and means that the widget will appear as normal, but the user will not be able to enter any data.


The text the modified widget should display.  This will modify all the listed widgets and change their text to the given value.  If left blank, the text will not be modified.


This property specifies a single widget on the current pane, or a list of widgets separated by a semicolon (;).