Message Box
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This action will pop up a message box that requires the user's attention.  It can be used simply to give the user notice of something, or it can be used to ask the user a question and get an answer.  Once posted, InstallJammer will not continue with the install until the user has clicked a button to close the message box.

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties

Default Button

The button to focus on by default.  This is the default action if the user simply hits Enter when the message box pops up.


A choice of icon to display in the message box giving the user an indication what type of message this is.


The type of message box to display.  There are several common types to choose from.  Each type will display with the given list of buttons.

Virtual Text  Field

The virtual text variable to hold the result of the message box.  This variable will contain the name of the button the user clicked on.  The name of a button is the text displayed on the button in all lowercase.  So, if the user clicks Yes, the virtual text is set to yes.