Launch Web Browser
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This action will launch a web browser to the specified URL on the target system.  InstallJammer will attempt to use the default web browser for the target operating system.  If it fails to find a default web browser, InstallJammer will attempt to find a suitable browser.

On Windows, the URL is launched using whatever the default browser is for the current user.  On UNIX, if the desktop environment is KDE or Gnome, the default method for launching a URL will be used.  If that method fails, or if the desktop is some other window manager, this action will attempt to find a suitable web browser based on environment and known browsers.

Technical Detail

URLs on UNIX are launched using xdg-open from the xdg-utils package that is part of the portland project by

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties


The URL to point the web browser to when it launches.