Install Wish Binary
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This action creates a Tcl/Tk Wish binary on the target system.  It is not actually a standard Wish binary but a single-file executable wish that is built from a base installkit.

Technical Detail

The installkit is a stand-alone WISH shell that contains the following:

Tcl 8.4.14

Tk 8.4.14

Tile 0.7.8

Tkpng 0.7

Itcl 3.3

Thread 2.6.4 (Windows only)

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties

Binary Name

This is the name of the wish binary you wish to create.

Windows Icon

On Windows, this specifies a .ico file to use as the icon for this binary.  If no Windows Icon is specified, the wish binary will have the same icon as the original installer.