Install Windows Shortcut
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This action installs a shortcut on the desktop of the target system depending on the system and desktop environments found.  On UNIX systems, this action looks for the existence of both KDE and Gnome and will install the shortcut on either or both desktops if available.


If the Target File Name looks like a URL (http://, ftp://, etc...) the shortcut will be a URL shortcut.  If the Target File Name does not look like a URL, it is assumed to be a file on the target system, and the file must exist.  If the file does not exist, no shortcut will be created.

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties

Command Line Arguments

This property specifies arguments to be passed to the target filename.  These arguments are appended to the Target File Name when creating the shortcut so that when the shortcut is executed, the Target File Name is called with the given arguments.


This property sets the Comments property of the Windows shortcut, which is also the tooltip that is displayed if the mouse is hovered over the shortcut.

Icon Path

This property specifies the file to use for the icon for this shortcut.  This can be a .ico, .exe or any other file containing icon information.

Icon Path Index

The index into the file that Windows uses when looking for an icon.

Shortcut Directory

This is the directory to install this shortcut in.

Shortcut Name

The name to display for the shortcut.

Target File Name

The name of the file this shortcut points to.

Working Directory

This specifies the working directory that the target of this shortcut will start in.