Install Uninstaller
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This action creates an uninstaller for the current installation on the target system.  This action must come after the Install Selected Files action, as that is the action that builds the list of files, directories and registry entries to be uninstalled.


Be careful installing more than one uninstaller on the target system.  InstallJammer will register its package information with the last uninstaller installed, and that is what it will use during uninstallation.

It is usually best to only install one instance of an uninstaller.

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties


This is the message that is used as the status while the uninstall is being built.

Uninstall Directory

This specifies what directory you want to create the uninstaller in.  By default, it is created in the main installation directory.

Uninstall Filename

The file name to use for the uninstaller on the target system.  This defaults to uninstall with the appropriate extension.