Install UNIX Shortcut
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This action creates a desktop shortcut file on a UNIX system.


If the user is root when they run the install, the shortcut will be added for all users on the system.  If they are not root, the shortcuts will only be added for the user doing the installation.

Technical Detail

UNIX shortcuts are installed using the xdg-utils package that is part of the portland project by

Supported Platforms

FreeBSD, Linux

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties

Additional Arguments

This property contains any of a number of lines to be added to the UNIX desktop file after the standard properties that are setup by InstallJammer.  Each line will be substituted for virtual text and then appended to the desktop file without any further modification.

Command Line Arguments

This property contains arguments that should be appended to the target filename to form the full command line for the shortcut.  This differs from the Additional Arguments in that the additional arguments are lines that are directly appended to the .desktop file when it is created on the target system.  The command line arguments are concatenated with the target filename to form the command line to execute.

File Name

The name of the desktop file on the target system.


The File Name property cannot be empty.

Icon Path

This property specifies the file to use for the icon for this shortcut.  This usually points to a .png file to display.

Program Folder Name

If the shortcut being installed is going into the Program Folder, this is the name of the program folder to put it into.  By default, it uses the program folder for the rest of the installation.

Shortcut Directory

This is the directory to install this shortcut in.

Shortcut Location

Where to install the shortcut.  This can be either a directory, the Desktop or the Program Folder.  If the shortcut is to be installed in a directory, a .desktop file is simply created in the shortcut directory with the given values.  If the shortcut is to be installed on the Desktop, the Shortcut Directory is ignored, and the file is installed on the Desktop.  If the shortcut is to be installed in the Program Folder, it will be installed in a program folder under the specified Program Folder Name.

Shortcut Name

The name to display for the shortcut.

Shortcut Type

This specifies what type of shortcut this is.  It can be a shortcut to a URL Link, or a shortcut to an Application.

Target File Name

The name of the file this shortcut points to.  If this shortcut has a type of Link, this is the URL to point to.

Vendor ID

The Vendor ID is used to group all of the shortcuts and program folders together.  By default, everything is grouped by the Application ID of the current installer, but setting this to a common value would allow for all of the installers in your company to share program folders, for example.