Install Selected Files
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This is the main action of the installation process.  This action starts up the actual file installation process and handles installing all of the files the user has selected to install during the process.  This action is created in the Install Actions group by default, which is executed from the Copy Files pane of a new install project, but you can move it anywhere you like or remove it all together if your installer is not actually installing any files.

This action will build up a list of groups and files to be installed based on the current Setup Type.  The Components of the Setup Type are first checked, and any Component that is inactive will be skipped.  Then, the File Groups beneath the Component are checked, and any File Group that is inactive will be skipped.  Finally, any file contained in the File Groups that is inactive will be skipped.

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties

Show Console Progress

If this property is true, a progress bar will be shown during console installs.

Update File Text

If this property is true, the text properties on the progress pane will be updated every time a new file begins installation.  By default, InstallJammer shows what group is being installed and not each and every file.  Updating the window with each file can be expensive and can take longer than just updating when a new group is being installed.

Update File Percent

This should only be set to true if you have two progress bars on the same pane and one is tracking the progress of each individual file using <%FilePercentComplete%>.  Again, as noted above, it can be very expensive and take longer to install if you are updating on every single file change.