Getting Started
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The easiest way to get started using InstallJammer for the first time is to read through some of our tutorials.  If you have a good grasp of installers and how they work, you can probably give a quick read through Create a New Install Fast to get started.

If you want a more detailed look at building a new install, read through the Create a New Install Step-by-Step tutorial.

If you're already familiar with how to use InstallJammer, or you just want to learn something maybe you didn't know already, you can read through our Frequently Asked Questions to see if maybe what you're looking for is in there.

Once you have your first install project built, read through Getting to Know the Install Builder.  It will give you a good introduction to InstallJammer's install builder and how to use it effectively.

After you finish learning your way around InstallJammer's install builder, read a little bit more about Virtual Text and its use within InstallJammer.  You might also want to read through What is Virtual Text? and the list of Virtual Text Definitions or Virtual Directory Definitions.

Once you understand virtual text a little better, it's time to learn about what the customer really sees.  The panes of your install.  Read up on What are Panes? to become more familiar with how InstallJammer displays the installer to the user.

When you think you understand the basics of installs and the use of virtual text, you might want to read through What are Actions? Actions are used throughout the install process, and it's worthwhile to read up on what they are, how you use them and what types of actions are available.

After reading about actions, you'll probably want to know how to control those actions.  Read up on What are Conditions? to get a feel for how InstallJammer controls the flow of your installer.