Fetch URL
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This action will fetch a given URL from the web and store the result into a file on the local system.  This is useful for downloading pieces of the installer that you don't want to package up but want to download when the user opts to.

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties

Progress Virtual Text

The name of the virtual text variable to fill in with progress as the file is downloaded.  This variable will hold the percent complete as the file is downloaded.  You can use this on a pane with a progress bar to track the progress of the download.

Proxy Host

The hostname of a proxy server to use when making the request.

Proxy Port

The port on the proxy host to use when making the request.

Save To

Specifies that you want to save the fetched file to a file or a virtual text variable.


If saving to a file, this is the name of the file or directory to save to.  If this is a directory, the file name will be derived from the URL itself.  If saving to a file, this property holds the virtual text variable (without <% and %>) to save the file contents to.


The time, in microseconds, to wait before giving up when trying to connect to download the file.


The URL to fetch.