Execute Script Condition
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This condition is a Tcl script that must return true if the condition passes or false if the condition does not pass.

Standard Properties 

See Standard Condition Properties.

Advanced Properties


The Tcl script to evaluate.  All virtual text is substituted when evaluating the script.  Your script should always end with a return command that returns either true or false.  Anything that is returned that looks to be true will be true.  Anything that does not look to be true (including an empty string or other text) will be considered false and cause the condition to return false.


The following script is an example that returns true if we are running a patch installer or false otherwise:

if {[string is true <%RunningInstaller%>] && [string is true <%UpgradeInstall%>]} {

    return 1


return 0

Note that the script always returns a true or false answer.  This is the safest way to ensure that your condition will always return something valid to the installer.