Disk Builder
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The disk builder is where the actual installation binaries are built. Once you have completed all the steps to creating your install, you must build it in order to use it.

Building an install

Pressing the build button will start the build process. Only the platforms selected in the Platforms to build section will be built. This allows you to quickly rebuild a single platform instead of always having to build all of the binaries.  Platforms that are not checked, or platforms that are not active will not be built.

Once the build process starts, you can continue working on the install, as the build process takes place in the background. This is convenient if your build is a long one, and you wish to keep making changes to your install.

Quick Build

A quick build means InstallJammer will rebuild all of the files for your installer, but it won't repackage any of your application files.  This is a fast way to rebuild changes you've made to the installer when you haven't actually changed any of the files you are installing.

Build for final release

This option tells InstallJammer that you are building your installs for final release.  With this option checked, InstallJammer will rebuild the full install, including your application files, even if you select a quick build and disable debugging options in the resulting installer.  This produces an installer that is ready for distribution to customers.