Create a New Install Fast
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This tutorial will walk you through the quick and dirty way to get started using InstallJammer with a new install in no time flat. When you're finished with this tutorial, you will have a new install project for your application that is built for the platform you're running the install builder from.

Follow the steps below, and you'll be off and running!

Creating Your First Install

  1. Open the New Project Wizard.
  2. Type in your Project Name.  InstallJammer will fill in the Project Directory based on your Project Name and preferences.  Click Next.
  3. Fill in your Application Name, Short Application Name, Version and Company.  Click Next.
  4. Fill in your Install Version and Application Executable fields so that InstallJammer knows how to execute your application after installing.  Click Next.
  5. Type in the directory where your application is stored on your system.  This should be the root directory of your application.  Click Finish.
  6. Done!

You have just built your install project. Now that you have the project built, click the Build Install button on the toolbar or from the Build menu, and InstallJammer will build an installer for your application.

If you entered your Application Directory properly, you should have your entire application now packaged up in a convenient installer for your current platform!

Click Test Install from the toolbar or from the Build menu and test your new installer!

If you had any trouble, or any questions, please read through Create a New Install Step-by-Step.