Console Get User Input
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This action is used in a console install to get a string of input from the user.  The string is not checked for validity in any way, so it is up to you to use an action to check the user's response.

Supported Platforms


Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties

Echo Input

If this property is false, the input will not be echoed as the user types.  This is useful for asking for passwords and other information that should not be seen on the screen.


The prompt to display the user when asking the question.

Require Response

If this property is true, the user cannot enter empty data for a response.  The action will continue to prompt for the information until a response is entered.

Trim Result

If this property is true, the user's result will be trimmed of all white spaces before it is set to the resulting virtual text.

Virtual Text

The virtual text variable (without <% and %>) to store the user's answer in.  As per the rules of boolean values in virtual text, the result will be 0 if the user chooses No or 1 if they choose yes.