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This API is used to manipulate and query components within an installer.

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If this option is specified, the active state of each of the given components will be made active or inactive.


A list of components to act on.  The word "all" can be passed to signify that all components in the install should be acted on.


If this option is true, it tells the installer to update all of the information relating to selected components.  The default is 1.


The following example would deactivate all components in the current installer

::InstallAPI::ComponentAPI -components all -active 0

This example would activate a component called "Component 1"

::InstallAPI::ComponentAPI -components [list "Component 1"] -active 1

Notice that because -components expects a list of components, we use the [list] command to make a proper list before passing the arguments to the API.  In this case, it is a list with a single element.