Backup File
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This action will take the specified files and back them up to a new file name.  Given the new file extension, each file will be copied to a new file combined of its own file name plus the new extension.

Supported Platforms

All Platforms

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties


A list of files or patterns separated by a ;.  Any pattern or file that is a relative path is automatically made relative to <%InstallDir%>.

File Extension

The new extension to append to each file being backed up.  A %d in the string will be substituted for a number in the extension.  The number will increment until an unused file name is found.  Default is .bak%d

Overwrite Files

If this property is true, the action will overwrite a file that already exists when backing up instead of continuing to look for a new file name that does not exist.  Default is No

Rename Files

If this property is true, the files specified will be renamed to the new file instead of just being copied.  This is useful if you want to move the current file out of the way.  Default is No

Starting Backup

The number to start at when backing up files.  Default is 1


The following values would backup all .conf files in the <%InstallDir%>/conf directory.

Files: conf/*.conf

foo.conf would become foo.conf.bak1

bar.conf would become bar.conf.bak1

The following values would backup foo.cfg in <%InstallDir%> to foo.cfg.orig, but if the file already exists, nothing will happen and InstallJammer will throw an error.  We will just tell InstallJammer to ignore the error.

Ignore Errors:  Yes

Files:          foo.cfg

File Extension: .orig

foo.cfg would become foo.cfg.orig