Add Windows Uninstall Entry
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This action will add a new entry to the Windows Add or Remove Programs registry.  This can be accessed from the Control Panel and is the usual way for Windows users to remove installed applications from their system.

InstallJammer adds one of these actions to a new install by default so that Windows users will have a way to remove your application in a way that is already familiar to them.

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties


This property stores comments for this entry in the Windows registry.


This property specifies contact information displayed to the user.

Display Name

This property tells Windows what to display in the Add or Remove Programs window for this applicaiton.

Display Icon

This property specifies the file to use for the icon for this entry.  This can be a .ico, .exe or any other file containing icon information.

Display Version

This property tells Windows what version to display for this program.

Help Link

A URL to the homepage of your application.

Help Telephone

Your contact telephone number for support.

Install Date

The date of installation in the format of %Y%m%d.

Install Location

The installation directory.

Install Source

The directory the installer was originally run from.


The name of the company or person publishing this application.

Quiet Uninstall String

The command to execute to quietly uninstall your application.


The location of the README file for your application.

Registry Key Name

The key to use in the uninstall registry.  By using <%ApplicationID%>, it ensures that subsequent installs of your application will always use the same uninstall registry entry instead of adding a new one for every version of your software.

Uninstall String

The command to execute to uninstall your application.

URL Info About

A URL that points to information about your application.

URL Update Info

A URL that points to information about updating your application.