Add Windows Registry Key
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This action adds a new registry key and/or value to the Windows registry on the target system.


By default, this action will add the new registry key to the uninstall, and it will be removed along with the files and directories when the application is uninstalled.  This can be prevented by setting Add to Uninstall to No.

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties

Add to Uninstall

This property tells InstallJammer whether or not to add this registry key to the list of things to be uninstalled.  If it is set to No, the key will not be uninstalled with the rest of the application.

Data Type

This property specifies the type of data that will be stored in the registry key.


The name of the key to create in the registry.


The name of a value to add to this registry key.  If this property is empty, the value will be set as the default value for this registry key.


The actual value of the data stored in the value being added to this registry key.

Restore on Uninstall

If this property is true, InstallJammer will check if the registry key already exists on the system before installing.  If the registry key / value already exists, the value will be remembered and then restored during uninstallation.

Root Key

The root key in the registry to add this key to.