Add to Uninstall
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This action will add a directory, file or registry entry to the install log so that InstallJammer will attempt to uninstall it during uninstallation.  This allows you to add things to the uninstall that might be generated by your application but you don't want to bother the user with deleting themselves.


If this action is used during uninstallation before the uninstall actually begins, the directory, file or registry key will be added to the list of files about to be uninstalled.

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties

Component Name

The name of the component to uninstall.  This is either the name of a file or directory, or the name of a Windows registry key to uninstall.

Component Type

This tells InstallJammer what type of component is being added to the uninstall.

Forcefully Remove Directory

If this value is true, InstallJammer will delete the directory regardless of whether it has anything in it or not.  By default, InstallJammer will not delete a directory that is not empty.

Registry Value

If this value is non-empty, it tells InstallJammer to remove a value of the specified registry key instead of the registry key itself.  If this value is left blank, InstallJammer will uninstall the entire registry entry.