Add Directory to Path
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This action is used to add a directory to a path variable of the target system.

Supported Platforms

All Platforms

Standard Properties 

See Standard Action Properties.

Advanced Properties

Add to Uninstall

If this property is true, the added paths will automatically be removed from the system during uninstallation.


A list of directories separated by a ; to be added to the path variable.


This specifies whether the directory should be added to the path variable for every user on the system or just the current user.


This specifies whether the given directory should be prepended to the beginning of the path variable or appended to the end.

Normalize Paths

If this property is true, each path added to the variable will be normalized appropriately for the current platform before it is added.  This makes sure that any path that is relative or has incorrect directory separators is made to be legal for the current platform.  Default is Yes.


This property specifies what separator to use between the paths for the given variable.  Defaults to <%PathSeparator%>.


This property specifies the variable to add your path to.  By default, this is PATH, but it could easily be something like CLASSPATH to add to the Java class path on the target system.