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1.2 (October 21st, 2007)

This release contains mostly minor bug fixes and enhancements, but some of the enhancements may cause incompatibilties with previous behavior.  They are listed first.

Possible Incompatible Changes

The command-line parsing routines were rewritten.

This allows for spaces in a command-line to be interpreted correctly as being part of an argument.  This means that some of the logic in the command-line parser was changed and may cause problems for some command-lines.  Generally, as long as -- is the last argument before the project file name, all should be well.  This is a good practice anyway since it denotes exactly where the arguments end and where the file name begins.

Virtual text values are no longer automatically substituted for boolean values.

This means that if you were previously counting on InstallJammer to turn "Yes" into 1 or "No" into 0 for you, that behavior is now incompatible.  You really should be using the String Is condition to check for true or false because it will always be correct no matter what your true or false value is.  If you were relying on this behavior for your variables, I'm sorry that it has to change.  The behavior causes more problems than it solves and a lot more confusion because InstallJammer is doing something tricky that people don't expect.

Minor Enhancements

Minor Bug Fixes