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1.0b2 (April 19th, 2006)

Special Note for 1.0b2

With the amount of changes in this release, I highly recommend that you build a new project instead of trying to convert your old project.  I tried to make the conversion as smooth as possible, but with the amount of changes, it was very difficult.  Except for bug fixes, this will truly be the last release to make changes, so any new project from here until the final 1.0 release will hopefully not need any conversion (unless it's to fix a bug).

Big Changes

These changes create incompatibilities with the way InstallJammer currently works.  Unless otherwise stated, all incompatibilities will automatically be converted when you load your old project into the new version of InstallJammer.

Added Multi-Language Support to Installers

Installers in InstallJammer can now support multiple languages.  Included in this release are Spanish (thanks to Jose Jurado) and French (thanks to Olivier Touze) message catalogs to support these languages in installers.  When converting your project, you will be asked if you want to update all of the text in your project.  This will clear any new text you may have added before updating, but you will need to do this to get the new multi-language support.

New Default Action Groups

New action groups are added to every new project, and these default groups are executed by InstallJammer automatically.  They are:  Startup Actions, Finish Actions and Cancel Actions.  Please read through the documentation on What are Action Groups? for more information on what these new groups do.

Changed Text Properties to Advanced Properties for some Actions and Conditions

Since text properties are now localized by language, some text properties in actions and conditions had to be changed over to Standard properties.  We don't want scripts and strings that are not messages to be localized by language.