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1.0b1 (February 12th, 2006)

Big Changes

These changes create incompatibilities with the way InstallJammer currently works.  Unless otherwise stated, all incompatibilities will automatically be converted when you load your old project into the new version of InstallJammer.

File Groups Overhauled

Changed the way directories in file groups work.  Instead of treating the root directory as being installed into the file group directory, every directory in a file group has its directory created.

This gives a more consistent approach to directories in file groups.  What you see is what you get.  All directories in a file group will be created just as you see them in the file group display.  Think of the file group as the root directory created when installing, and every directory contained in the file group will be created underneath it.

This means that instead of adding a single directory for your whole application, you'll have to add all of the contents of the directory, but this approach is more in line with how other installers work as well as how most people would expect it to work.

Choosing your application directory when creating a new install will automatically grab the contents of that directory and setup your Program Files file group correctly.

Modify Button Action Replaced

The Modify Button action has been replaced by a new Modify Widget action.  This action is more generic and can execute on any widget in a pane instead of just the wizard buttons.  Unlike the Modify Button action, the Modify Widget action can specify multiple widgets (separated by ;) in the same action, and InstallJammer will modify them all at once.